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Create virtual & material merchandising products with extra benefits for the next generation!

VirtualMerch is a sales platform-based Bercode system that provides the freedom to create and brand virtual and on-demand physical products for festivals, megastars, artists, and influencers.

VirtualMerch offers the possibility to share your virtual product by AR on social media and produce it as well. 

The Bercode Platform enables you to develop and manage your community and assure them of unique benefits so you can improve your fan engagement and you can earn extra income.

VirtualMerch & Bercode 

VirtualMerch is a new growing trend worldwide. Bercode is an innovative tech platform. Simple, easy, user-friendly & fast. VirtualMerch is a green way of merchandising where you can create and personalize your merch webshop and products in minutes.

Every VirtualMerch product contains a unique bercode that assures access to the network of exclusive benefits all around the World! Kind of virtual coupon catalog where your bercode on your mobile is enough to use these advantages.

And the NFT version is also coming soon!

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The Future of Merchandising

VirtualMerch is based on a unique barcode called "bercode" (benefit barcode) that individually identifies VirtualMerch products. Scanning VirtualMerch products and their corresponding bercode is done quickly and easily with the free Bercode App, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

No separate hardware is required because the app and the barcode reader built into cash registers accept the bercode.
A VirtualMerch customer can also order a physical merchandising product, which we will deliver directly to them. In the meantime, they can share the VirtualMerch augmented reality (AR) version on social media.

The NFT version is coming soon!

With VirtualMerch products, you can create a win-win-win community where everyone benefits - as the issuer, a VirtualMerch product-buying fan, and a bercode acceptor.

By creating VirtualMerch products containing bercode, you can provide your fans with access to exclusive discounts and VIP services when they purchase your VirtualMerch products.

Your fans can become your partners through bercode acceptance and thus provide discounts and other benefits to other fans who have purchased your VirtualMerch products. They will also promote you through advertising, attracting more buyers who are passionate about the same things they are.

Your VirtualMerch customers automatically become members of the win-win-win community and can use their bercode with your bercode accepting partners.

Thanks to the bercode on VirtualMerch, your fans can save more money with discounts than the VirtualMerch product costs and enjoy exclusive benefits and VIP services. That's why creating, buying, and accepting VirtualMerch is a great thing to do!

Your products can also be ordered physically, but an increasing number of our users are environmentally conscious and only buying physical products they will definitely use. 

The World's first WIN-WIN-WIN merchandising platform 

Win-Win-Win Platform

You can capture your iconic moments, and your fans can be featured on VirtualMerch's products. 

Creating a VirtualMerch product takes a minute. Thus, you can create a product during your event with a photo of your concert featuring the audience or the show's best moment.


There is an option that you can add:
If you want, you can allow your audience to upload their own photo next to your picture on their VirtualMerch product and make their new relic personalized. Its augmented reality (AR) version can be shared on social media immediately after purchase!

The VirtualMerch advantages

    ● VirtualMerch offers a B2B2C solution that can easily be adapted to unique expectations.

    ● Perfect for advertising, marketing, and online agencies, festivals, artists, talent managers, celebrities, influencers and sports teams.

    ● Increase the customer base while generating extra income.

    ● VirtualMerch offers an easy possibility to increase your customer loyalty, plus a social media presence.

    ● The unique bercode makes it easy to track sales with an automated invoicing system.

    ● With VirtualMerch, your fans become your business partners, creating a fan community.

    ● VirtualMerch issuers can efficiently measure their partner's traffic and the efficacity of their social media campaigns. (ROI)

    ● VirtualMerch eliminates the costly production, logistics, storage, and accounting costs. Everything is handled by the platform.

    ● The customers will order their physical products on demand, so you can never run out of stock and don't have to invest upfront.

    ● VirtualMerch uses an eco-friendly business model, saving on wasted resources, and does not increase the issuer's/user's ecological footprint.

VirtualMerch allows you to generate extra income and expand your audience without investment. 

The bercode advantages

Bercode is a Win-Win-Win platform that generates extra income for issuers and partners, plus unique benefits and discounts for holders. The Bercode Platform connects artists, brands, and businesses (issuer) with their community (bercode holders) and partners (fans who are vendors, local services).

● Grow the loyalty of your community with customized benefits and discounts!
● Increase the sale of your merchandising products!
● Earn passive income by the bercode products at the acceptance points!
● Draw attention to the mission of your business in an innovative way!



● Easy to use: you don't need to carry the material merch with you; the corresponding code can be displayed virtually on the phone in the Bercode App.
● Support your favorite artist, influencer, sports icon, or even a community by buying their virtual merchandising products!
● Share in the benefits! At bercode acceptance points (retailers, local services), you can enjoy unique benefits, VIP services, and discounts thanks to your bercode.
● Be part of this innovative, unique community!



● Grow the number of new customers!
● Generate income from new revenue streams from sales!
● Target your marketing and sales offers!
● Measure ROI based on the proportion of sales traffic data!


Let's get started!

Create your custom designed VirtualMerch products easily.
VirtualMerch step 1
Create your customer profile!

● You can easily create your customer profile in a few steps.
● Enter your name and email.
● Add a few data about your account.
● Upload a profile and a cover photo.
● With your new profile, you can create your new webshop and new products.

VirtualMerch step 2
Create your webshop and products!

● Create your webshop to suit your creative needs! Start by adding a cool name, cover photo, and profile picture.
● Create your products! You can upload any image or logo you like.
● Set the sales parameters of your products, and once done, they will automatically appear in your webshop. Voilà, you are ready!
● Let your fans know that they can purchase your products, and they can become your partner by accepting your VirtualMerch's bercode.
● This is how you can build a community from your audience.

VirtualMerch step 3
Maximize Your Community!

● By using the innovative business model of Bercode, turn your audience into a win-win-win community!
● Offer your customers exclusive benefits by actively sharing the Bercode Platform.
● Increase the activity and income of your community by collaborating with other partners (such as retailers, sellers, local services, and entrepreneurs) among your fans, and encourage them to join the Bercode community!

VirtualMerch step 4
Earn income!

● Participating in the Bercode VirtualMerch platform generates extra revenue in two ways.
● Generate income from the sale of VirtualMerch products.
● Earn commission when your fans take advantage of deals and discounts offered by your partners.

VirtualMerch is a FREEmium service

Five different levels can be added to one bercode, where it is easy to add discounts, benefits, or VIP services to each level.
The first two levels, BASIC and LIGHT, are FREE.
The three extra levels, CLASSIC, EXTRA, and BUSINESS, are giving more advantages to your community. 


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